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Ati Shahr Sharq is an architectural consulting engineering firm operating under legal authorization from the Planning and Budget Organization and the Design and Supervision License with a master's degree from the Engineering System Organization and the Road and Urban Planning Department. Our company provides services in the field of legal designers and supervisors in urban projects.

Our company has the capability to undertake various projects in the city of Mashhad without restrictions on area or size. Our design team is composed of experienced and specialized individuals who use their creativity, precision, and capabilities to design spaces that align perfectly with your desires and needs. Innovative spatial concepts and creative designs are also among our priorities.

With the expertise and experience of our team, Ati Shahr is capable of offering specialized services in various areas. These services include architectural design for residential, commercial, and administrative buildings, public space design including parks and squares, interior design and decoration, landscape design, and green spaces, as well as technical and executive supervision of projects.

Our goal is to create beautiful, functional, and high-quality spaces with a fresh approach to fulfill your needs in urban space design."


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